Welcome to Project Drive, a project here on the DTM Wiki that aims to ensure that every single driver whom has competed in the DTM, in its various forms, is recorded here. Got info on a driver you don't see here, then help us out and add it to their article.


JPDurzel leads Project Drive and has made the bulk of the articles so far created. Remember to use the Driver page template, which can be loaded into a new article from the menu at the top of the edit box.

Feel free to add your user name to the list above, and don't hesitate to ask questions on the Project Leader's userpage.

The DriversEdit

Here at the DTM, with so few articles created, a priority system has been created, so that essential information is created first. This generally means that "Critical" drivers should be created, but, by all means, work on other drivers if that is where your expertise lies. Consult the key at the bottom of the page to see what the various colours represent

The ListEdit

This list below should contain every driver to have raced in the DTM:

Project Driver
Nat. Name Ext? Img? Deet? Nat. Name Exts? Img? Deet?
Flag of Germany Volker Strycek Flag of Sweden Per Stureson
Flag of Germany Kurt Thiim Flag of Belgium Eric van de Poele
Flag of Germany Klaus Ludwig Flag of Italy Roberto Ravaglia
Flag of Germany Hans-Joachim Stuck Flag of Germany Frank Biela
Flag of Italy Nicola Larini Flag of Germany Bernd Schneider
Flag of Germany Manuel Reuter Flag of France Laurent Aïello
Flag of Sweden Mattias Ekström Flag of Britain Gary Paffett
Flag of Germany Timo Scheider Flag of Britain Paul di Resta
Flag of Germany Martin Tomczyk Canadian Flag Bruno Spengler
Flag of Germany Mike Rockenfeller Flag of Germany Marco Wittmann
Flag of Austria Lucas Auer Flag of Britain Tom Blomqvist
Flag of Brazil Augusto Farfus Flag of Portugal António Félix da Costa
Flag of Germany Timo Glock Flag of Germany Maximilian Götz
Flag of Britain Jamie Green Flag of Spain Daniel Juncadella
Flag of Belgium Maxime Martin Flag of Spain Miguel Molina
Flag of Italy Edoardo Mortara Flag of Switzerland Nico Müller
Flag of France Adrien Tambay Flag of Germany Christian Vietoris
Flag of Germany Pascal Wehrlein Canadian Flag Robert Wickens
Flag of Germany Harald Grohs Flag of Germany Olaf Manthey
Flag of Germany Manfred Trint Flag of Germany Winfried Vogt
Flag of Germany Peter Oberndorfer Flag of Germany Peter John
Flag of Germany Klaus Niedzwiedz Flag of Sweden Per-Gunnar Andersson
Flag of Germany Heinz-Friedrich Peil Flag of Germany Volker Weidler
Flag of Germany Kurt König Flag of Germany Manuel Reuter
Flag of Germany Marc Hessel Flag of France Fabien Giroix
Flag of Germany Armin Hahne Flag of Germany Christian Danner
Flag of Germany Roland Asch Flag of France Dany Snobeck
Flag of Venezuela Johnny Cecotto Flag of Germany Altfried Heger
Flag of Britain Steve Soper Flag of France Alain Ferté
Flag of France Jacques Laffite Flag of Germany Joachim Winkelhock
Flag of Italy Emanuele Pirro Flag of Germany Walter Röhrl
Flag of Germany Jörg van Ommen Flag of Finland Keke Rosberg
Flag of Germany Ellen Lohr Flag of Italy Alessandro Nannini
Flag of Denmark Kris Nissen Flag of Italy Stefano Modena
Flag of Britain Dario Franchitti Flag of Germany Michael Bartels
Flag of Denmark Jan Magnussen Flag of Italy Gabriele Tarquini
Flag of Germany Uwe Alzen Flag of Switzerland Marcel Fässler
Flag of Britain Peter Dumbreck Flag of Germany Bernd Mayländer
Flag of France Jean Alesi Dutch Flag Christijan Albers
Flag of Denmark Tom Kristensen Flag of Finland Mika Häkkinen

Remember, just because a driver's article is marked as being complete and detailed, it doesn't mean it still can't be refined and improved. We appreciate any help we receive, so come help us out!


The key is shown below, with an explanation as to what each colour denotes:

Project Driver
Colour Priority Explanation
Claret Critical All articles that are next to the claret strip are considered to be critical to the DTM Wiki, and should be created as a priority
Silver Important Driver articles ranked as important should include all those active in the current season of the DTM
Purple Semi-important Race winners, Championship runners-up and similar are generally considered to be of semi-importance.
Navy Low Point scorers are covered in this section
Sky Blue Trivial All other drivers, from one-time wonders to frequent entrants, are classified here.
Other Colours
Red None The article does not exist or does not fulfill the criteria
Orange Incomplete The detail of the article is not complete, missing vital information or does not contain filled templates.
Yellow Okay The level of detail is adequate for the Wiki, with all templates filled, but could use a fair amount of additional detail.
Green Good The article features all the required information, and a significant amount of detail. It still may require minor changes but otherwise is of good quality.
Gold Featured The article is of great quality, and will be (or has been) considered to be featured on the main page.

The level of detail considered adequate for a certain driver is dependant on their priority or importance, and therefore varies. Generally speaking, a driver whom has won the Championship should have their career more closely analysed than one whom only scored a handful of points.